Tree Suppliers

Most of the trees used by us have at some stage been purchased from tree suppliers, both in the UK and across Europe. Each tree is accompanied by plant passport and is shipped under DEFRA approval and a health of our stock is regularly monitored by DEFRA officials. Many of the trees are used immediately for landscaping schemes, but many others are potted and grown on for use at a later date.

Our composts are all manufactured on our nursery and tailored to the physical and nutritional requirements of the tree or shrubs concerned. We hold around 10,000 trees at any one time on our nursery in containers, which range from 10lt to 1000lt or more, and the entire nursery is equipped with automatic drip and overhead irrigation. We are able to offer trees of more or less any size for sale and we can deliver and plant these trees if required. The delivery and planting of semi mature trees is our specialties and this enables our customers to appreciate the beauty and splendor of more or less fully grown trees in their own lifetime.

If you need help or advice, please email or call us on 01206 322617