Our Tree Nursery

We offer a large amount of semi mature trees shrubs, and hedging making us a leading nursery in the east of England. We offer delivery all over East Anglia, our large range of plants open to the public 7 days a week with members of staff to help you find the right plant first. We currently hold around 8000 trees at any one time in containers from 10lt to 1000lts.

Screening Trees and Hedging

We keep a large amount of screening trees avaiable to achieve instant privacy. From pleached trees with a clear stem of 180cm from the ground and a 120cm high head making the total height 3 metres that give a suspended hedge effect to standalone trees underplanted with hedging, we can also provide custom metal trellis and pleached trees up to 5 metres high from the ground. 

If you need help or advice, please email info@o-l-d.co.uk or call us on 01206 322617